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What is Rinzu?

What is Rinzu?

Rinzu is a traditional Japanese satin damask textile made from either silk or synthetic fibers.

Satin weave creates a beautiful bright, shiny, and smooth textile. Rinzu fabrics are commonly used for Japanese Kimonos as they are soft to the skin and a glamorous touch to the elegant style of Kimonos.

We decided to use Rinzu fabrics to make our new Puff Bandanas, as the textile catches natural light and gives the bandana a beautiful glossy appearance! 

About Rinzu

Japan is known across the world for their unique cultures including various traditional arts, one of which is the Japanese textile craft. The alluring artistry of Japanese traditional textiles not only lies in products such as Kimonos, but also in the textiles itself.

L&L Paws embraces the timeless beauty of Japanese textiles in its products, in hopes to share this wonderful experience with you!  

L&L Paws's Original Creation
"Rinzu & Chirimen Reversible Puff Bandanas" 

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