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L&L Paws aims to share a unique and unforgettable Japanese experience “one bandana at a time”. We combine our love for cats with Japanese traditions to offer one of a kind items to your furry animals from Japan.

Our Mission and Products

Offer a Unique Experience That Enriches Our Customer's Life with their Pets

We offer a unique and quality experience for our customers and their pets. Our carefully curated selection of bandanas and bow ties help customers enrich their life with each special moment spent with their furry friends.

Share Japanese Culture & Heritage

Our products are filled with charms of Japan. We use Japanese textile, fabrics, and traditional Japanese designs and cultural styles such as kimonos.

Be Friendly to Our Environment

As manufacturers, we value and aim to create products that have minimal impact on our environment. We use upcycled fabric scraps to our upcycle product lineups, Sustainable Collections.

Original Creation

Bow Bandanas

Bow Bandanas are our signature product that is reversible and features a bandana with a bowtie design.

Bow Bandanas are light and soft in textile, bright and stylish, safe, and wonderfully comfortable to wear!

It is also perfect for all cat breeds and sizes, even long-haired cats, so you can show off your stylish bow!

Our original creation also includes “Upcycled Kimono Bandanas” and “Mottainai Bowties”.

Bow Bandanas

Original Creation

Sustainable Collections

We aim to source fabrics locally in Japan and minimize waste made from our products through small-quantity production as well as upcycling fabric offcuts to create new one of a kind items.

Our sustainable collections include our “Upcycled Kimono Bandanas” and “Mottainai Bowties”.

Kimono Bandanas

Sustainable Packaging

L&L Paws products come in minimalistic paper packaging, sealed with a band or bow made from our fabric offcuts.

Our products come in special fabric sleeves in hopes not only that the product is protected during delivery but also that our customers can value each one of their purchases at L&L Paws by keeping our products safely in the sleeves.