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What is Chirimen?

What is Chirimen?

Chirimen is a traditional Japanese crepe textile made from either silk or synthetic fibers, polyester or rayon.

Chirimen textiles are unique as they have a distinctively crisp and crimped appearance, soft in texture, and are lightweight. Chirimen is commonly used to make elegant and dainty Japanese kimono accessories. 

We, L&L Paws found Chirimen fabrics the perfect material to make our Bow Bandanas & Puff Bandanas!

Experience your first "Chirimen Bandana" with L&L Paws! 

About Chirimen 

Japan is known across the world for their unique cultures including various traditional arts, one of which is the Japanese textile craft. The alluring artistry of Japanese traditional textiles not only lies in products such as Kimonos, but also in the textiles itself.

There are many different types of Chirimen textiles, each distinct in weaving techniques:

About Hitokoshi Chirimen

The traditional Hitokoshi Chirimen textiles have fine wrinkles and are soft and smooth in texture. It uses a weaving technique where right-hand and left-hand twisted yarns are alternately interwoven to create a light and elegant Chirimen textiles. 

About Oni Chirimen

The traditional Oni Chirimen textiles have larger wrinkles and the texture is a little rough compared to Hitokoshi Chirimen, but light and soft nonetheless. The weaving technique is slightly different where two right-hand and left-hand twisted yarns are alternately interwoven instead of one. 

About Yuzen-zome

Yuzen-zome (友禅染) is a Japanese resist-dyeing technique. This method is unique as it uses rice paste to prevent dye transfer.


*As Chirimen fabrics are also made of the synthetic fiber rayon, fabrics will most likely shrink when soaked in water. Chirimen fabrics are delicate textiles so it requires extra love and care from us!

L&L Paws's Original Creation
"Chirimen Reversible Bow Bandanas" 

L&L Paws's Original Creation
"Rinzu & Chirimen Reversible Puff Bandanas"

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