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L&L Paws is a bandana brand made for furry friends, especially cats! We combine our love for cats with Japanese tradition to bring you one-of-a-kind bandanas from Japan. Our bandanas offer a unique and unforgettable authentic Japanese experience, taking you on a journey of Japanese culture, fashion, and beauty. We hope to spread smiles and happiness with each bandana!

- Our Mission and Products -

Offer a Unique Experience That Enriches Our Customer's Life with their Pets

We offer a unique and quality experience for our customers and their pets. Our carefully curated selection of bandanas and bow ties help customers enrich their life with each special moment spent with their furry friends.

Share Japanese Culture & Heritage

Our products are filled with charms of Japan. We use Japanese textile, fabrics, and traditional Japanese designs and cultural styles such as kimonos.

Be Friendly to Our Environment

As manufacturers, we value and aim to create products that have minimal impact on our environment. We use upcycled fabric scraps to our upcycle product lineups, Sustainable Collections.



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